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Entertaining Trivia and Facts About Portland

by tedbourbeau

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In Portland, trends always come and go. They are established frequently without effort and usually come up once a trend is viewed as old and out of date. Below are a few wonderful facts to learn about Portland which will certainly help you be on the same page with its ever-changing pace.
The Benson Bubblers you see scattered around the city were at first made to inhibit workers from heading to work drunk. Simon Benson created the concept back in the early 1900s since his workers kept saying they couldn't sober up because there was no fresh water to drink around the city. To date, there are 52 Benson Bubblers in Portland.

The city upholds the annual World Naked Bike Ride, which is an event that happens in different cities all over the globe. Some cyclists take part to protest the world's reliance on oil, while many others simply wish to feel the excitement of riding through the city streets naked. Based on Portland law, being naked is indecent exposure, however, authorities are willing to look the other way on this event which takes place just once a year after all.

Portland food is all kinds of tasty. Proof of the Portlanders' love for food is the massive food cart population (there are more than 200). For meat lovers, you will probably find the best burger in Portland that will certainly offer you your burger fix. From high-end to drive-in, you'll come across plenty of finger-lickin' masterpieces that will certainly leave you wanting for more.

The happy hour Portland recognizes takes place from 4-7pm and 10pm till midnight. For the uninitiated, happy hour is when a bar provides discounts on alcoholic drinks like cocktails, wine, and beer. The 10pm happy hour is to favor afternoon shift workers, but who's to say you just can't experience happy hour on both periods?

Portland bars are terrific spots to have a good time anytime in Portland. If you're a Portland resident, or if you're traversing this wonderful city either for business or pleasure, loosen that tie and kick up your shoes in the greatest bars that the city can offer. To find out more about Portland, see

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