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Electric Cigarette Structure

by dnieva

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Many products like nicotine gums have been introduced in the market to assist smokers in getting rid of smoking. Most of them failed to provide results because they did not give the same feel as that of smoking and this is why they did not gain enough popularity. In the last decade a pharmacist from China came up with the concept of an electric cigarette that looks, tastes and feels like a real cigarette.


Composition and structure of electric cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are basically divided in two parts, one is the smaller part and the other is bigger. The smaller part comprises of the cartridge and the atomizer, and the bigger part consists of battery and the LED light. The cartridge is filled with liquid nicotine. This nicotine gets converted into vapor as soon as the user intakes a puff of it. Typically, every cartridge has the capacity of about 10 to 30 real cigarettes and this cartridge is refillable. The user can easily get the electronic cigarettes as well as the refills at various places who deal in this product, and one of the successful company is Nicolites.


When the user intakes a puff, unlike real cigarettes, no harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar, etc. are released. Instead only nicotine vapor is released that gets vanished in the air within no time leaving no bad odor. The users can get rid of bad odor and bad breath that is generally the result of smoking tobacco. The environment also does not get polluted with the usage of e-cigarettes.


The LED light that is situated at the tip of an electric cigarette lights up with the battery as soon as the user takes a puff. This will give the user the feel of using a real cigarette, but here the user can get rid of lighters. Besides there are no leftovers observed after smoking these electronic cigarettes.


Depending on the requirement the user can decide the strength of the nicotine in cartridge, and gradually it can be decreased finally making it down to zero. The nicotine is also available in various flavors and most of the companies like Nicolites who deal in these electric cigarettes have flavors available making the experience enjoyable for the users.


To start with the user needs to buy the kit available that has e-cigs, a charger and a cord for the charger. Typically a user will need one single battery per day, but if the user is a heavy smoker then he/she might need two batteries at their disposal per day.

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