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Importance of Tank Heads in the Industrial Sector

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A tank head is defined as a component that is convex on one side and concave on the other, and is used for securing the open end of the tank. Since tank heads perform the vital task of closing the vessel, they need to fit firmly on the vessels’ open end. These heads are often made using a metal, and demonstrate a high level of strength and resistance to deformation. The presence of this component ensures that no contaminants can enter the tank, and the contents of the tank are protected. Thus, it is evident that almost any vessel that is used as a tank needs to be fitted with an appropriate head.

Tanks are used for containing various types of materials, ranging from gasoline to diesel to water to chemicals, and much more. Pressure vessels or autoclaves also need a highly secure head that can withstand rigorous operations without deforming or cracking.

A tank head is fastened to the actual vessel owing to the presence of rivets or threads on its concave surface. In some cases, users might choose to weld the entire component in place. This part is a result of metal forming processes such as sheet metal hydroforming and metal spinning . Spinning is the process of creating axially symmetrical components by spinning metal at high speeds on a lathe. Both these processes are capable of producing tight tolerance components.

Depending on the shape of the vessel itself, the head can be manufactured in a variety of shapes such as elliptical, flanged, flanged and dished, hemispherical, and flat. Tank heads can be manufactured by custom metal forming and fabricating service company. Such a firm would employ advanced hydroforming tools to manufacture heads that conform to ASME code specifications.

In most cases, these heads can be manufactured to have a diameter of up to 15 inches and a depth of up to 10 inches by employing techniques such as metal spinning and hydroforming. However, for very large tank heads that might have a diameter of up to 72inches, a combination of several metal forming techniques would be used. Opting for custom tank heads is highly recommended, as they ensure the safety of your workforce and property. Most firms offer custom machining services today, enabling you to fulfill specific requirements.

Testing or inspection is an important aspect that needs to be carried out during and at the end of the manufacturing process. The dimensions, quality of materials, and strength of tank heads need to be tested rigorously so as to spot any weak points, and take immediate action to correct them. It is also vital to choose a firm that can ship the tank head to your desired destination worldwide.

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