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How to eliminate 'PowerPoint can't read path/file

by larendaniel

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Presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint are a great way to communicate ideas to business clients, colleagues, employees or students. It is one of the powerful applications of the Microsoft Office package and provides a range of features to let a user develop outstanding presentations. Thus, it is regarded as an effective interaction tool. However, presentations created with PowerPoint are not immune to corruption, just like other Office files. They can become corrupt in instances like unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, application malfunction etc. If corruption occurs, you have to depend on a backup copy of the presentation file to restore the lost information. However, if you do not have an updated copy available, you should grab a powerful PowerPoint recovery application. Such tools are easily available on the Internet.

Consider a real-world scenario, wherein, you have a presentation created in PowerPoint 2007 version. You open the file from a computer which has PowerPoint 2000 installed on it. The attempt fails as you cannot open the file in an expected manner. In fact, you receive the following error message:

"PowerPoint can't open the type of file represented by path/filename."


"PowerPoint can't read path/filename."

The above error messages might occur when you make an attempt to open a password-protected PowerPoint 2007 file in an earlier version of PowerPoint (2000) or in the PowerPoint viewer. Earlier versions of PowerPoint do not have the capability to open any password-protected presentation file.

If you are sure that the presentation in question was not created or edited in PowerPoint 2007 or 2003, then there is a high possibility that your presentation is damaged or corrupt. In this situation, you have to go for appropriate PPT recovery methods detailed in the Resolution section of this article.

You can observe the following workarounds to eliminate the issues:

•    For PowerPoint 2007
1.Open the presentation, type the password and click OK
2.Click the Microsoft Office Button, go to Prepare, and click Encrypt Document
3.In the Encrypt Document dialog box, delete all the text in the Password box, and click OK
•    For corrupt presentations, you should immediately get hold of a professional ppt recovery software.

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