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Windows 7 Style Automatic Defrag in XP

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This facility is not available in the XP so here we are going to tell you how you can set it in the way that it will defrag like vista, windows 7. Basically defrag mean that the data on the hard drive is in contiguous order for easiest access to files and programs


Defrag in Windows 7 & Vista

There is great feature in the windows 7 and vista that it will automatically defrag the hard drive. Its run when the system is idle usually 1 am every Wednesday in the windows 7. There is functionality that you can change the defrag schedule or you can off it completely. 




Defrag in XP

You know that in the XP  Disk Defragmenter  can access by different ways because this recommended task in the XP and was not enabled by default. The faster way is to write “dfrg.msc” in the run from start button and do tick on the OK button.




The other way is to open my computer and chose properties by right clicking on the local drive.




The window for the local disk properties will open then you just click on the tool tab and click on the Defragment Now button.




After clicking on that button you will see Disk Defragmenter window. There are options like analyze, defragment, view report. In the XP defrag when you analyze you can see GUI which is interesting thing.




You can also do it in the vista or windows 7 but there is no option for graphical interface.




Make XP Defrag Run Like in Vista or Windows 7



Here you have to create the scheduled task if you want Disk Defragmenter should work like in vista or windows 7. For this just open the control panel and open scheduled task.




Now you will see the Scheduled  Task Wizard  window now click on the Browse button to select the program to run. 




Now on the next screen write this line in the filename and then click on open 





Here you have to give the name to the task as per your choice. Here in the snapshoot we select weekly and do tick on next. 




First time you will enter the time 1:00 AM, every 1 week, and select Wednesday. Then click on the next button.




After that you will see default user name appearing on the screen you just have to type the correct password. Then click on the next button.




Now you have done your task and it’s correctly scheduled here just you need to check the option of open advance properties and click on the finish button.




After the defrag.exe you will see that advanced properties open in run field. Just enter a space and then letter of your local drive and then click on OK.




You can also go into the settings and set the idle time to run the task to wake up your PC.




Here it will ask your login and password again, type that and click on OK.




After that you can see the icon for the new Defrag Scheduled Task.




When you will run it you will see the command prompt screen open which will run an analysis and finish the defrag process.




Here this is running at the background so you cannot see it running through GUI. When you will open the task manager you will see the running processes.




After the above steps you will see that your XP machine is automatically defrag the local hard drive like in vista and windows 7.

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