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What to Expect in Science of Mind Classes

by liyo89

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 Center for spiritual living   is a philosophical and religious organization that seeks to improve the quality of life across the globe for all people and their ranks are quickly growing as more people are attracted to the powerful New Thought message being spread. With each new centers for spiritual living that opens its doors, one of the first things to be offered to community residents is the ability to participate in learning classes that help to teach the fundamentals of New Thought to those that are interested. A typical class will last for about ten weeks and a structure of classes has been developed to guide a person as they learn more.


The first group of classes is knows as the Science of Mind 100 Series and is composed of four different classes that teach a person the basics of the ideas that drive the organization. The goal of all of these four classes is to instruct a person on the connection between themselves and the idea of God as well as learning the power of positive prayer. These courses also allow a person to realize their role in the large picture of the universe rather than just their individual existence.


Moving up to the next level, the 200 Series of the Science of Mind classes are more specialized and address a broader range of topics. In addition to courses that are instructive in showing a person how to be more attuned to making positive decisions, there are also some that deal with influential teachers and their writing, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Troward.


The 300 Series of classes sees a student moving away from the theoretical learning and towards practical application of the knowledge they have gained. The classes are often centered around discussions and workshops that are accompanied by a larger role within the church and its activities.


The last level of classes, the 400 Series, have a total of around 70 different courses and are mainly intended for a person that is interested in joining the CSL ministry in a leadership role. In addition to the classes, the person will be expected to conduct lower level classes and be active within church management and operation.


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