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Excel workbook corruption when you delete

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Macros in Excel are very useful, especially, when you do not want to invest precious time in repeating some tasks while working on a worksheet. A macro is basically a set of commands that can be used to automate a specific task. However, with macros you have to be very careful about what to do and what not to do. While using macros in Excel you might run into various problems, and in worst cases the workbook in question could also become corrupt. This article details one such instance where a wrong macro procedure ends up corrupting the workbook. Meanwhile, you would also be made familiar about the ways which you can observe to perform effective Excel repair.

To elaborate, think of a practical situation, wherein, you have an Excel 2000 workbook, containing important financial data. The workbook works fine until one day when you receive the following error message:

"The instruction at "0x3005ca13" referenced memory at "0x00000018". The memory could not be "written"."

The reason behind eruption of the above error message is workbook corruption. The workbook might have got corrupted following a wrong macro procedure which involved deleting, copying and saving in one instance. The wrong macro procedure is explained in the following steps:

•    If you delete a sheet that contains a control
•    If you use Copy command in an Excel sheet with the same name
•    And, then you save the workbook

After observing the above-mentioned macro procedure, when you open the workbook next time, you will encounter the above error message.

You can resolve the issue by obtaining Microsoft Office Service Pack 2. However, in order to retrieve data from an affected workbook, you must follow the below-stated Excel file repair steps:

•    If you are able to open the workbook, you must try and copy its content to a new workbook.
•    If the file in question can be opened, you can save the file in HTML format and filter it. This should be followed by closing and reopening the file.
•    You can use the Microsoft Excel File Recovery Macro and re-create the affected Excel worksheet
•    Try and open the file in Microsoft Excel Viewer
•    If none of the above methods appear to be working, then it's high time you go for a third-party Excel repair software.

For efficient repairing of corrupt or damaged Excel file, you can blindly rely on Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery. This professional do-it-yourself application repairs corrupt Excel files created with Excel 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 versions. The trusted Excel file repair application recovers all components including text. macros, images, charts, tables etc.

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