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Treadmills in India are gaining popularity with time

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With the increase in health awareness through different media channels, people in India have started hitting the gym to get a well-toned body. There are different fitness machines, which provide upper and lower body workouts like elliptical trainers, cross trainer machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, etc and you can find them in all local gyms. Out of all these machines, treadmills are the best fitness machines used for weight loss and strengthening upper and lower body muscles. They are highly used for maintaining stamina, burning calories and overall fitness of the body. In fact, treadmills in India are considered as a very integral part of a typical gym set up be it home or at a local gym.

Treadmills in India are slowly gaining popularity with time and can now be seen in number of houses. There are number of reasons behind this growing popularity like they are easy to install and can be used at the user’s convenience. They are generally cheap and are also available at low cost with discounts at several global brands. Working out on a treadmill is comparatively much easier than working out on other fitness equipment.  They come with different resistance and speed levels to choose from. One can easily choose a suitable workout plan with the help of latest features and loose weight. Any beginner can start with low intensity and low resistance level and then gradually increase pressure over time. One can monitor how much calories are burnt in a session and can increase the pressure accordingly to achieve higher goals.

There are various models of treadmills available in different sizes in the market. There are motorized as well as manual models. In manual, the user needs to push the belt himself by applying force to set it in motion. Whereas, motorized versions work with the help of an inbuilt motor and maintain a steady pace throughout the session. The later ones are more in demand and are replacing manual ones rapidly across market. Many brands have also launched foldable treadmill models, which can be folded and tucked away when not in use. Running on treadmills help in building stronger knee and hip muscles and also improves posture and balance of the body. Overall buying treadmills in India are being considered as a good investment to reap long-term health benefits these days.

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