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Very best Urinary Incontinence Treatment Methods

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When it comes to urinary incontinence, there are two types namely stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Some of the details regarding these two types are given below:

Stress incontinence: When the muscles in the pelvic area that supports the base of the bladder through which the urine passes gets weakened any pressure or stress put on the muscles due to laughing, coughing or a sudden change in the position of a body, there will a leakage of urine and this condition is called stress incontinence. This condition is more prevalent in women rather than men and surveys say that a minimum of 40% of women face this condition at some point of their lives. When it comes to men, this condition is caused due to enlargement of prostate.

Urge incontinence: This condition is caused due to uncontrollable contracting of muscles in the bladder even when the bladder is not full. This sudden urge to urinate causes some dripping of urine even before the person reaches the restroom.

When it comes to treatment of these conditions, there are different methods available and there are also surgical methods that can be used only as a final option if the other options are not working out. Some of the methods of treating incontinence are discussed below:

Behavioral therapy: Under this method the fluid intake can be reduced by people facing this condition. Surveys say that this condition might arise in some individuals due to intake of drinks that are rich in caffeine like tea and coffee. It is better to restrict the usage of these drinks to at least one or two cups a day. If this method is not working out, they can go for the second option available being physical exercises.

Physical exercises: For strengthening the pelvic muscles, people facing the condition of urinary incontinence can do the exercise called as Keggels, which is known to strengthen the muscles in this area. The technique of doing this exercise can be learnt from the medical care provider. These are simple exercises that can be done on the drive, when reading books or when watching television as well. If this method is also not working out, patients can opt for the third method of medications.

Medications: There are a number of medications available for this condition and it is better to consult the medical provider when taking such sort of medicines since they can cause some side-effects like drowsiness, constipation and mouth dryness.

If the above-mentioned methods do not work out, surgical methods can be opted with the help of a trained medical care provider.

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