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What to do When You Face Hard Drive Data Loss

by anonymous

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Every computer, whether a desktop, or a server, contains one or more hard disk drives. And every mainframe computer and supercomputer is connected to a large number of these hard disk drives. A large number of manufacturers make hard disk drives, including Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu, and many more.

These huge number of hard drives have one thing in common, they store a huge amount of data, including digital data in a relatively simple manner. They are the heart and soul of the computer, and enable it to the efficient machine that a computer has become today. That is why they need to be safeguarded, otherwise, a user has to opt for hard drive recovery methods.

A hard drive is the storage area of the system and stores all programs and applications. It may have any interface, or any operating system, but nothing can prevent data loss from it when a problem comes. These problems include, but are not limited to, corruption of file system, cross linking of files, improper shut down of the system, corruption of the master boot sector, and corruption of boot sector. In such situations the only thing that can save the work of a user is a valid and updated backup. A backup can be taken on any device, including, tapes, USB drives, external devices, or even in the same hard drive. It is also possible to keep a backup online. A backup can be used to recover hard drive data, irrespective of the reason of data loss. But for all those who have either not maintained a backup, or have a backup, which is not valid or updated, there is still some help available.

With the advancement of technology, it has become possible to perform hard drive recovery after data  loss owing to the above mentioned reasons. It is also possible to recover data that has been lost due to different reasons, including, files lost due to emptying of recycle bin or due to pressing of the 'Delete' button while 'Shift' key was pressed, data lost due to formatting or resizing of a particular drive, or due to formatting of the whole disk. There are reliable third party hard drive recovery software that are available in the market today. 

Stellar Information Systems Ltd. is a pioneer in making simple, read-only, and intuitive hard drive recovery software for Windows, Novell, Mac, Linux, and Unix operating systems. With interactive graphical user interface, and a detailed user documentation, these tools are very user friendly and feature a number of options to recover hard drive data.

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