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Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

by liyo89

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Ants are the most common pests found in household. Individually, their small size might make them seem harmless but collectively, they can be very destructive. Damage caused by ants differs depending on their species. For instance, Pharaoh ants may infest food while carpenter ants can weaken your home’s wood structure. But all of them bite and may cause allergic reactions. This is where the importance of hiring an ant treatment Westminster firm steps in.


If you see ants swarming somewhere in your home, then that’s an indication of a nest. But if you don’t see any swarming, you can follow where the workers ants are heading after getting food in order to locate their home. Your target must be the queen because if without the queen, the colony will not survive.


Nonchemical Methods of Pest Control in Westminster


By regularly cleaning and vacuuming your home, you are reducing the presence of ants in your home. Ant trails can be temporarily broken by smearing them with a solution of water and vinegar. There are also soapy water solutions that are available on the market and can be used to prevent ants from reaching plants and other items.


Chemical Methods of Ant Control


If the ants are outside of your home and they still create a nuisance, then you can use chemicals like permethrin as liquid or granules and/or cyfluthrin as granules. There could be other chemical treatments available in the market today. Just be sure to read the label so as not to overuse the chemicals and cause harm to yourself and the environment.


These granules can be used as baits, which are carried by the worker ants to the nest. There, the ants will share the baits to the rest of the colony. These are commonly used if the nest is in inaccessible areas that sprays and vacuums cannot reach.


When Would You Need the Help of Professionals?


Professional ant treatment Westminster services will come in handy if you do not know where all the ants in your home are coming from. Equipped with the knowledge of ants and the necessary gadgets, these professionals can take care of your pest problem efficiently.


Also, be reminded that the best treatments for ants would depend on the species that are in your home. Professionals know all about ants and they can identify them just by their physical characteristics. In addition, if the nest happens to be located behind walls, in the attic or under your flooring, a licensed contractor can drill the right holes to take care of the problem.


There is no right or wrong season for ants to invade your home. As long as there is a good food supply, they would come in anytime. Spraying foraging ants is only temporary and it has little effect on the nest. Remember that when you’re spraying individual ants, the queen lays hundreds of eggs more. So it’s best to locate the nest and let an ant treatment Westminster service take care of it for you.






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