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Things to Plan for a Memorable Treasure Hunt

by rosalindahone

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It's as easy as one-two-three to find games or activities for kids to get a kick out of, and it's not too challenging to please them as well. Having a treasure hunt is both fun and interesting for active little ones specially if you want to get the interest of your youngster and his/her buddies with a remarkable experience. The following are some stuff that you need to prepare for a kiddie treasure hunt.

Time and Date

Because your treasure hunters are undoubtedly school-aged kids, you need to consider their academic and mom and dad's timetable. Set the treasure hunt on a date and time when the most number of visitors can make it. Weekends can be a good time and of course, stay clear of scheduling the party on a holiday.


Prior to producing the invitations, you'll have to pick a motif for the party like puzzle hunts, oceanfront secrets, or secret quests. Design invitations based upon your selected motif and if possible, make it look like a treasure map. Don't forget to deliver them out 2-3 weeks prior to the set date so your visitors can confirm their attendance and will not set more appointments on the treasure hunt day.

Props and Prizes

Creative treasure hunt ideas come to life with the right props and an outstanding award. If possible, intend to attain an actual treasure chest from antique or thrift stores to make the party more realistic for the children. Keep in mind to create an accurate map and clues that will certainly be effortless for youngsters to read and comprehend. As for the awards, it could range from gold chocolate coins, candies, costume jewelry, to trophies, depending on the theme of the scavenger hunt.


A scavenger hunt is never ever complete without riddles to direct and engage your young travelers. Intend to make your treasure hunt riddles rhyme and appear comical. Make sure that after solving each riddle, the kids can use the answer as a hint to discover the next level in their voyage to the award.

With all the right preparations and treasure hunt ideas, you'll be ready to host a fantastic party that your guests won't quickly forget. Just set everything up in a kid-friendly and interesting way. If you want to review more techniques and details, you can scan through Such a website can help in making the subject more lucid.

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