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Determine if Your Chicago Pool Needs Remodeling or Resurface

by cathynewman

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After years of providing you respite from Chicago’s heat, your swimming pool is now showing signs of wear and tear. Every time your family takes a dip, something feels “off”; whether it’s because of the pool or the water, you can’t tell anymore. If you want to improve your pool, you may either remodel or resurface it.

Pool Remodeling

Remodeling is the more drastic of the two options. You can change your pool’s shape, replace the tiles surrounding the pool, or even change the pool’s depth. You can add other implements such as hand rails, diving boards, and slides. You can even buy a new filtration and sanitation system.

If your pool is in bad shape (e.g. it has more cracked tiles than A-ok ones), pool remodeling is the best option for you. If you’ve recently renovated your house, and your pool’s style looks out of place with the rest of your house, consider pool renovation. If your children’s friends come in droves during the summer because they like your swimming pool, impress them with a newly remodeled pool.

Pool Resurfacing

In pool resurfacing, the water is drained, the interior surface is removed, and a new surface is installed. You may replace the interior surface’s material with another. For example, once you’re done with pool plaster resurfacing Chicago residents trust, you can use fiberglass, which is more durable, in place of plaster. Pool resurfacing is the better option if the interior surface is your only issue with the pool.

Like most home improvement projects in the area, swimming pool plaster resurfacing Chicago requires that you ask for the necessary permits prior to beginning the project. You have to follow Chicago’s regulations on approved ways of draining pool water, among others. You don’t want to pour your old swimming pool water into the sewer and cause problems for other homeowners.

Whether the right choice is Chicago pool remodeling or resurfacing depends on your swimming pool’s overall condition. If your pool’s condition is bad to the point that you cringe at the mere sight of the pool, then remodeling is an investment. On the other hand, if your pool is in relatively good condition, and you don’t want to spend too much money, resurface it. For more information on pool resurfacing, read

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