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Some Cool Ideas to Help You Decide What to Do When Your Bore

by stolenminute

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There are times when you get fed up with the mundaneactivities and wish to do something different. It is really frustrating whenyou are unable to decide what to dowhen your bored. Sometimes, a pre-decided plan gets cancelled orpostponed at the last minute leaving you with no idea as to what to do next. Orelse, you may simply wish for a change from the daily routine. Let us make alist of things to do when your bored, to help you out in such stuck-upcircumstances.

One cool idea is to go out and shop for your favorite stuff.Running short of cash? Well, you can go ahead and enjoy a little windowshopping, or just go for a refreshing walk, licking that much-loved ice creamon the way.

You can call over some of your friends and enjoy an impromptuparty. Put up some music and dance your boredom away. And remember, it is okayif you give in to the temptation occasionally and treat yourself to someforbidden goodies.

Some other things todo when your bored are calling up or chatting with a friend you aven’tcontacted for quite a while. Catching up with him/her is sure to pick up your mood. You can surf the internet for some funny and interesting stuff, or playsome of the free online games. Not interested? Then, curl up with a cup ofcoffee and that book you wanted to read. Another not so exciting, but useful idea is to finish up some pending work like doing the laundry.

It would be a good idea to list up some of your favoriteleisure activities. You can always refer to the list for some inspiration whenyou are thinking about what to do when you’re bored.

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