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Trailers and Recreational Vehicles with Pop-Up Features

by rosalindarudloff

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Pop-ups are recreational vehicles with portions of their exterior walls that can protrude to expand the interior space. There are several types of recreational vehicles with pop-up features, and these tend to be popular in any RV dealership. These pop-ups look tiny but cozy from the inside; their popped-up walls look like garden windows. Moreover, the ones that protrude from the exterior walls may look like bay windows, but are much smaller.

Class A motor homes are recreational vehicles that are converted from the body of a commercial bus. Class A motor homes look like a typical commercial bus from the outside; inside, it looks like an elongated house with a single hallway. Class A motor homes typically have a middle area built as a lounge and dining area. This portion of the vehicle can be expanded with pop-up walls, making the lounge look like was built around a bay window.

Class C motor homes are similar, except that these are converted from a heavy-duty, full-size pickup truck. Class C motor homes tend to be about as huge as Class A motor homes, being built from the cutaway chassis of a pickup truck. Class C motor homes may also have the same accommodations as Class A motor homes, complete with pop-up features.

RV dealers in Alberta also sell travel trailers, which are wheeled vehicles towed behind another vehicle, usually a van, sport-utility vehicle, or a pickup truck. Some travel trailers, like teardrop trailers, are small enough to accommodate only a space for at least one person to sleep. Others are large enough for a small family to sleep and relax in.

People looking for an RV for sale in Alberta may also consider getting a fifth wheel trailer, which are enormous trailers about as big as a Class C motor home, or at least the body of it. Like complete motor homes, the fifth wheel trailer can have sleeping, cooking, and dining accommodations. Some even have bathrooms and entertainment areas complete with outlets to charge mobile computers and cellular phones.

RV dealers in Alberta also sell trailers called toy haulers. Toy haulers are like fifth-wheel trailers that has a plain section at the very end of it reserved for carrying smaller vehicles. Motorcycles, bicycles, and all-terrain vehicles can be carried here. For more information, see

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