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How to Determine a Raid Controller?

by GeorgeFlintoff

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We despise hype in the core of an industry that is full of it. Our objective is to provide the most purified quality of hardware consultation services to our customers and to back up our decisions by freely sharing what we have learned along the way. To achieve best position in our product line a computer component undergoes accurate testing. IstarUSA Group has over 20 years of experience in the computers industry. We specialize in OEM/ODM projects and manufacture of industrial power supply, rack mount chassis, enclosed cabinets and racks, data storage, and custom power solutions. We cover a majority of vertical markets. Our products are broadly used in industrial computing, servers, multimedia production, and DVR/surveillance and telecommunication industries.


With your branch out container of videos, photos, music, artwork and creative projects, the capability to add huge storage handily and cost-effectively becomes a essentiality. You desire something that sustained for long time. If you are a digital video producer, a graphic designer or photographer, storage performance became critical.


Currently in this fastest and competitive world the more widely used data storage devices are those quick and able-bodied ones such as the Esata hard drives. Now SATA is taking advantages because of super speed data transfer capability. For high-performance and data redundancy nothing is better than RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).RAID uses two or more hard disk drives enclosed in an external storage solution. For the more techie folks, you can also build a RAID array inside of your computer. However, the latter requires a bit more work so, for the purpose of this article, we'll focus on simple, plug and play external storage RAID. A hard drive enclosure is simply an external case that encloses a hard disk drive and turns it into an external device and connected to your PC via USB, FireWire, eSATA etc. Esata Raid Enclosure is almost four times as fast as FireWire.


Positively customers are invariably coming up with huge demands and hope for technology to provide supreme importance such as greatly natural and complex videos. Although majority claims that the SATA hard drives are most capable for fast and reliable service, they are generally more than that. In this modern world most improved version desktop computers and laptops coexist the external SATA made for users to promote quicker flash thumb drives and extensive skill.


iStarUSA Group is a trusted name in media packaging for a long time and its work in Computer hardware industry is remarkable for all.

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