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Repairing corrupt presentations saved as HTML

by ericjustice

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Microsoft PowerPoint is an appropriate application, which comes rolled up in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. You can make compelling presentations and deliver your message in an effective manner. You can save a PowerPoint presentation as an HTML or Web page and then upload it to a web server without any issues. When you save a presentation as Web page, the PowerPoint application creates a folder which comprises of an HTM file and all supporting files of images, videos, audios and more. On the flip side, PowerPoint presentations might also become corrupt in many instances including abrupt system shutdown, power spikes or surges etc. In such situations, it becomes your top priority to recover data from a damaged presentation. You can also rely on a healthy backup copy. But, if a backup is never maintained, then you can rely on a PowerPoint recovery application to repair corrupt PPT or PPTX files.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have a presentation file related to your company's policy and you have to upload the same on your organization's intranet site. Before uploading the presentation, you want to check certain things again, and you open the file. The attempt fails as you get the following error message:

"HTML Import Errors
Problems came up in the following areas during load:
Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)"

As a result of the error message, you are unable to access the content of the presentation file. Additionally, you cannot upload it before rectifying the above error message.

following conditions might trigger the above error message:

  • If you have enabled the custom slide show settings in PowerPoint
  • If you have created a custom slide show by using the same slide more than once and the duplicate slide is fallaciously documented in XML format
  • Or if the presentation is damaged or corrupt

In order to perform PPT recovery, you must refer to the following guidelines:

  • Look for a backup copy of the affected presentation file. If you have one, then use it.
  • If you do not have a a valid backup copy of the corrupt or affected presentation, then use a third-party ppt repair software.

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