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by lawriebrinkerhoff

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Luciano Pavarotti once said that among the nicest reasons for life is the way people must regularly stop what they are doing and dedicate their focus entirely to eating. Eating is among the greatest human fun activity, bringing joy and warmth to anyone looking for comfort; nonetheless, it is also a need, as food is essential to support the body. Eating is further a method of celebrating and a means of enjoying what life provides, and one can get a kick out of life by sampling cuisine around the globe.

The very first dining establishment was erected in France in 1765 by Boulanger, a soup seller who offered a variation of soups in his shop for guests to consume. On top of his door, he hung a sign that read “Restaurant” which was swiftly used by other nations while supplying a unique variety of meals for anybody looking for satiation. The idea of the dining establishment rapidly evolved and eventually came to American cities like Philadelphia and New York.

The US is a country loaded with ethnic cooking, and its recipes reveal very early European colonization which brought forth new active ingredients and cooking styles. When colonists vanquished the state, their attempts at survival involved planting crops comparable to those in England. Southern and northern cities adapted varying food, where the southern colonies had more unique cuisine perhaps due to their distance to the seashore. On the list of the biggest areas of American dishes is fish and shellfish, a significant product in Louisiana, which is the largest supplier of crawfish in the world.

Louisiana, a beautiful Southern state in the United States, has a multicultural traditions due to influences from African, French, Native American, and Spanish cultures. The state is home to numerous Cajuns and Creoles; the former a cultural amalgamation of all four ethnic heritages in the state as the latter are British colonies that sought haven in southern Louisiana, specifically, Lafayette. Cajun culture soon evolved with the people’s joie de vivre, which consists of a one-of-a-kind taste in food. Those who want to experience the Cajun's delight of living can try out their cuisine in Lafayette restaurants.

There are many restaurants in Lafayette that provide the distinct Louisiana southern goodness, and Cajun and Creole are just among the several dishes citizens and tourists adore. Restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also weekly seasonal specials. Dining establishments further offer catering for all sorts of occasions with their hearty meal options and bar and drink services.

The restaurants Lafayette LA has really reflect their strong cultural heritage. You can easily ask your nearby bistro about their specialties if you would like to celebrate a unique celebration. For more information on Louisiana's food, go to

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