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How To Make a Minecraft Game Server

by maddyacca

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No matter how addicted you are to Minecraft, playing it with your friends all in the same game takes your experience to whole newlevel. Run your server and you are all set to have the ultimate fun with your own set of rules!

Minecraft Server

It’s time to step up from single player to Multiplayer. lets you select from various servers that you can join to but the drawback is, you cannot play by your own rules instead you are down to following their regulations. However, having your own server means you and your friends are free to play together u under the set of rules you made. It’s pretty easy to get.

Download and First Run

Go to the Minecraft Download page and navigate downwards to the “Multiplayer beta server software” part. For Windows users, download the .exe file and after it downloads run the file. Whereas, OS X and Linux users can install the .jar file. To run the server, enter the command in Terminal:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

You might wish to allocate more (or less) RAM for the server. For this you can vary the 1024M to another number, like 2048M: The first being the maximum number it can take, and the second amount is the least. You must have some additional gig of the RAM spared for Minecraft as everything is in Java. Chaos might break up in your game when a lot of people are playing and you doing wild things like blowing stuff up!

Once you reach the server window, you will see the related information around. On the left, memory and processor thread will appear so you can keep an eye. The number of players connected is given in the lower left whereas on the right side, you will see the chat window that allows you to communicate with the players connected. Some errors might poop up when you run the server which is absolutely fine. No need to go into a panicked state.

Your server won’t get the arrangement files it requires to run; in such cases it’ll create them. In your server’s folder, you will see files being created as they keep appearing in it.


Files like your map area produced, files containing server properties, ops list and other related files will be found in the “world” folder.

For the nest step you need to stop the server. As the world has completed generating, you’ll be given the help file notice. You should, at this point, type “stop” if you are in Terminal. Otherwise just close the server. Tweaking won’t be possible in a running server.

Tweaking the Server’s Properties

Open the file named into notepad. This will open up:

Some options will be given:

  • Level-name: Here you will find the name of the Minecraft world you created. Altering this name will make the server to find a folder that has same name otherwise; it will produce a new level and a folder having this name.
  • Spawn-monsters: Setting it to false won’t let monsters like zombies, skeletons, and creepers will to be generated and regenerated. In games where the aim is not to survive, this feature is turned off off for “op” or “creative” servers so only building can be focused.
  • Spawn-animals: This one too if put to false, animals like wolves, cows, sheep, and chickens will also not generate.
  • Pvp: This controls whether the player can harm each other or not. Turning it to false will stop them from doing do. However, if they push each other off the ledges they might be able to do some harm.
  • White-list: This controls who can connect and play. If its set to true, the usernames in the white-list.txt file can only play.

When you’re finished doing the things you want in these options, you will save the file.

Open the “ops.txt” file and add your Minecraft username to become the admin on your server so as to operate it on your own. Being the operator, you can make any item, or do anything like banning players, or altering the in-game time.

To allow people to connect to your server you will have to enable port forwarding for your router. As default the port is 25565, this may be changed using the file. The clients will need your IP address (or DNS alias/redirect) and the port number to connect to your server.

Once ready, restart the server.

Playing On a Server

Once Minecraft is launched it gives you the choice to connect to any multiplayer server. Clicking this option allows you to enter the server address.

If the server is run on the same computer you wish to play Minecraft on the just type “localhost” (without quotes) as the server address. If not then enter the server name or IP address for the server you wish to play on. To join the game, click “Connect”.

Press T to launch the chat window.

Here you can see the user’s public messages, the system information and any and all commands you may have executed. There will be a prompt like this (>) in the lower left section, typing messages here and pressing enter will send them to all players via group chat. By starting your prompt with a forward slash (/) you may also enter server commands here.

As an example, typing “/list” will generate a list of all players playing on the server. Other options include giving items to others and yourself, banning or pardoning users and changing the time. To get more info on a specific command, type in “/help”. If you wish to see all the commands then go to the Minecraft Wiki’s Server Commands page.

Now find more people to join Minecraft! Nothing beats constructing huge structures, traversing the vast landscape, and mining into mountains, more than doing it with 8 of the people of your choice.

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