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Call Center Agents as Customer Relations Reps

by soniaroody

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More and more of the unemployed in the developing world have found relief in the booming call center business. Almost every field of industry in the US—retail, transportation, mail order catalogs, real estate, Information Technology—has found use for outsourced call center services, especially with their cost-effective value for money benefits.

Call centers handle large volumes of calls which are negotiated by their call center agents. Aside from fielding calls from customers and resolving service or product-related issues for their client-companies, some call centers or contact centers also provide email marketing, fax on demand, and other communication management services, as well as technical support and financial services.

Both outbound and inbound customer service calls are managed by outsourced call centers. Customer surveys, sales dispute and verification, and product or service advisories form part of the nature of outbound calls, while inbound customer calls include taking in inquiries about the products, assistance in technical support, and other customer-related issues. The ideal call center is one that takes a client’s costs in mind while sustaining the efficient operations of their work for their client. Efficiency on these levels easily translates to profitability for the company.

Employment in call centers requires no high educational attainments although certain qualifications are stringent enough. The recruitment for new call center agents often includes phone screening to test an applicant’s voice quality over the phone and skill in responding. Further speaking and conversational skills are tested in an initial interview and call simulations.

Every call center prefers applicants with previous experience in other call centers. This would have meant the applicant is well-versed in the practice and process at work inside a call center. They would also need minimal training to get on track with the rest. But the absolute imperative among applicants across the board is his or her fluency in the English language. For technical applicants, an above-average IT expertise is warranted.

Applicants preparing for a call center job must work on self-confidence. Everything—speech and idea and response—must exude from that self-assurance. You may be proficient and fluent in the language, but without a certain alertness and certainty in what you wish to express, you won’t be able to come across convincing, not to the interviewer nor to the customer.

As a call center agent, one must honestly ask if dealing with high volumes of customer queries is something that one can handle. The calls vary from one to the next, and from pleasant to irate. It is an integral part of the call center life. For more information, please visit or

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