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Blackhawk – The Best Brand Of Law Enforcement Agencies’ Prod

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Do you know theBlackhawk brand and what they have to offer? What is the competitive edge that the company has to offer to their customers? What are the factors that should be considered when comparing the various products offered by the company with other manufacturers?


The company was founded by CEO and President Mike Noell in 1993. They are a leading and well-reputed name in the market for tactical and outdoor items. All the products manufactured by the company are of superb quality and many of their customers become loyal repeat customers once they realize their money was well spent. They have been manufacturing the widest range of products for decades and none of their competitors have been able to take its market position. In the market, it has earned the reputation of the top-ranked US manufacturer of various military, tactical, law enforcement equipment. The company has become internationally known as well and supplies their goods globally in various countries. The vision of the company is to make available the diverse range tactical items for military and law enforcement personnel ensuring all their products are manufactured from a superb quality of raw materials.


The range of products that are being offered by the Blackhawk Products Group comprises of varioustactical gear, law enforcement duty gear, hydration systems, body armor, illumination tools, apparel and footwear for military and law enforcement bodies, protective gloves and gears, knives, hunting gear, recoil reducing stocks and breaching tools. The company’s headquarters is in Norfolk, Virginia and the US manufacturing plant facilities are located in Montana, Idaho and North Carolina. It has diversified itself into various other industries as it is the market leader in the industrial security, law enforcement, outdoor markets and military; the market share of the brand is highest as there are no substitutes available for the top quality products that they supply. The latest development in the operational activities of the company is that it has signed a Master agreement with AcuSport which is the leading distribution network all over the world. The best part of this agreement is that the distribution company has a highly qualified team of professionals, knowledgeable sales staff and diverse points of distribution; all of these factors will help the company to ensure that its products are available in the right amount at their outlets and each customer is able to find the desired compatible with his requirements.


The brand is well-known for the spectacular and superb designs of holsters which have gained huge market attention. Blackhawk holsters are being extensively used in law enforcement agencies. The key features of the holsters that create differentiation in the customers’ minds are that they are highly durable, have strong resistance power and offer various additional security measures like handgun locking mechanisms. It makes removal of a handgun easy as the user just has to depress a button on the holster’s side; this keeps the officials of law enforcement agencies protected from their assailant in that they can quickly draw their weapons when necessary. Hence, the brand is among the best for all military and law enforcement agencies as all the products are manufactured from top quality materials so that they are durable and reliable to be used for long period of time.



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