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How to Get the Iron Skull in Halo 3

by maddyacca

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Original Source: How to Get the Iron Skull in Halo 3


Looking for the much sought after Iron Skull for your set in Halo 3 campaign skulls. There isn’t a better place to look for it than on Sierra 117. You can claim it isn’t the most difficult of things to look for but it definitely isn’t a piece of cake either! Following steps will lead you to acquire it.



  1. At first initiate the Sierra 117 campaign level. The only way you can get hold of the skull is to start the campaign level since the very beginning of the game and specifically try it at least at the Normal difficulty level. The option to launch this Sierra 117 campaign level is available in the main menu.
  2. Keep playing till you reach the part where you get to assist Sergeant Johnson along with his team in getting out of imprisonment. How will you know you are at the right part? Through a video clip that will be shown: Johnson must be being kicked into captivity in the clip. You will come across a dam there heavily watched over by multiple Covenant units , prominently by a brute chieftain. Notice the heavy hammer he possesses.
  3. Do the job you are here to do: Finish as many Covenant enemies as possible, in fact, kill them all! Focus on getting rid of the chieftain because he covers the part where you will find the ledge leading to the skull. Though you should get the skull before level is finished, still killing the chieftain will definitely help.
  4.  Keep progressing on the area till you are on the bridge that crosses the guarded dam. There must be a ledge towards the right side of the bridge. That makes it the left side of the landing place if the final pelican. Two wires go directly to it – leap onto it. On the side opposing the one from where you got into the area, there will be a huge building that you must reach the far side of. Run over the grated path leading to it.
  5. From here you need to get to the building ledge by leaping onto the pipes that are blocked-off.  You will see them when you reach the end of the ledge you already are on. The building ledge will run left from the first one and will make its path around the construction.  Sergeant Johnson and co.’s cell will be overlooked by it.
  6. You won’t realize how close you are to the skull by now. If you go till the end of the building ledge, you will find a tiny corner at the back of a pillar. Here is where you will find the skull you were hunting down.
  7. Press the Right Bunker button from your Xbox 360 controller, to get the Iron Skull. That should be it and you will find out that you have unlocked the Iron achievement for 10 gamer score, it can be checked in Xbox 360 gamer score and achievement statistics as shown as a skull with a hammer. If you wish to use it in the campaign games then from the campaign menu, hit X and select it. You will also be awarded a campaign score multiplier of x3. By any hard luck if you died at any level then you will go back to the beginning but you will go to last checkpoint in case you are playing co-op.


  • If you are carrying the skull all around with you after finding then, for your own ease, drop it. You just need to claim it first and no need to keep carrying.
  • To reach the first ledge, you don’t need to run to the very end of it rather you can reach it from the bridge side from the area that has yellow forklifts.
  • Vidmaster Challenge: Annual, is an achievement you would really want to complete in Halo 3 but for this you must claim the Iron Skull first. You must have it while you play the last campaign level on Legendary.
  • Not only the Iron Skull but the first Blind Skull is also found on the Sierra 117 campaign level at a lot in advance though.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time on the last ledge as you are exposed to enemy fire when you are at the ledge.

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