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All about Shingle roof cleaning

by rickpetko9179

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Roof is the most important part of your house and regular cleaning and checking helps in maintaining your home attractive and prolongs the life span of your house roof. It is that part which is mostly exposed to continuous onslaught of nature; therefore it is essential for you to ensure that your house roof is intact, in good shape and well-maintained. Discoloration, moss, mildew, mold and other fungal and bacteria growth on roof due to certain weather conditions causes damage to tiles or shingles of roof. The first step in maintenance of roof is to protect it from various stages of wear and tear by cleaning it which is an arduous task.


The best way for roof cleaning is to have it professionally cleaned and online you can find a roof cleaning specialists in your area at best price. There are many online companies having a review section for enabling clients to see the services provided by them. Roof Cleaning Wellingtonis one such company offering services at affordable prices all over Florida. They have great experience, technicians, tools and methods to get your roof cleaned correctly and provide quality and stress-free services. They apply low pressure cleaning method which is less time consuming and more effective and the tiles are not at the risk of being stripped off.


Many Florida residents are surprised by the idea of roof cleaning. Successfully cleaning of roof shingles depends on the type of shingles installed influencing the cleaning method. Pressure cleaning is used on a concrete, barrel tile or metal roofs whereas cleaning done by chemical based solution is used on asphalt shingle roofs. The washer pressure is applied from top of the roof so that the water flows downwards and don’t enter in the shingles through gaps causing leakage. Tar and fiber glass shingles are successfully invaded by algae and cleaning them with washer pressure is not sufficient and you need to clean with chemicals like sodium per carbonate and oxygen bleach specially formulated for them. Shingle Roof Cleaning with sodium per carbonate is safe and a biodegradable alternative that does not harm the grass and plants, stain painted surfaces and finish on aluminum gutters.


Cleaning Roof Shingles with oxygen based bleach is the best option as using chlorine bleach will damage the plants, shingles, roof gutters and anything coming in contact with it. The copper shingles look marvelous and great when newly installed, but also need maintenance as they appear blackish and dull after some time due to natural elements. For this you can call a professional cleaner to polish and clean this type of shingles.


So now clean your roof with the help of expert cleaning professionals and give your roof an increased long life. A well looking and cleaned roof will give your house an extraordinary look.

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