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What are the common Cerebral Palsy Symptom found in children

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Medical history shows that there are many diseases which man has successfully treated and cured, but then there is another side which holds a long list of incurable neurological disorders. Various complex disorders are still looming to find their cure and treatment. Cerebral Palsy is one such dreaded disease which has been haunting human life with its occurrence right from pre natal to post natal stages. This is a condition that results into movement and posture related disability. Factors behind the condition are still unknown, but various studies show that it happens when there is any damage made to the developing brain of the fetus at pre-natal stage. Signs and Cerebral Palsy symptoms can be diagnosed in the early stages of life or early few months after birth. This condition extremely affects the motor system of the body, which is a result of non progressive brain lesions. Following are the early Cerebral Palsy symptoms seen in infancy and later stages of life-

  • Floppiness or stiffness - Child may show low muscle tone, and can face difficulties in holding their head or sit straight. Others may face hyper muscle tone making their arms and legs stiff.
  • Delayed motor movements – Children with Cerebral Palsy may show delayed motor movements like crawling, sitting, walking as compared to normal children.
  • Problems in feeding – These children may have problems in coordinating their sucking and swallowing movements.
  • Difficulty in motor coordination – Children suffering from this condition are very clumsy and have trouble in lifting their arms and legs for movement. Face problems with basic body functions like walking, eating, writing, sitting, talking etc
  • Posture and balance – Children find it difficult to maintain their body balance leading to correct posture and may require help to sit upright
  • Speech problems – They can face difficulties in speaking, as it is controlled by a group of tongue and throat muscles.
  • Skeletal Deformation – Usually children with Cerebral Palsy show skeletal deformation, resulting into shortened limbs on affected side.

These all are the very basic and early Cerebral Palsy Symptoms which can be noted and treated at right time. Reasons for this condition are not clear, but studies show that it mainly happens because of damage to any developing part of the brain. It can happen during early pregnancy when brain just starts to form or at the time of birth while passing through the birth canal or even post birth due to lack of oxygen. Parents should be aware of prenatal and post-natal symptoms which can help in early diagnosis and treatment of the child.

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