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Great Vehicles for Residents

by ellsworthmciltrot

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The inventories of car dealerships are filled with exciting finds that car buyers would be glad to test drive and consider buying. Automobiles about ten years old are still considered roadworthy because of all the standard safety, entertainment, and performance features that remain intact and functional. Listed below are some viable options:


Capable of seating five people, the sedan is an efficient and adequate vehicle. It runs at a moderate speed, though some models are designed to run pretty fast. Luxury models are extremely beautiful, and are equipped with many safety and performance features fit for corporate executives, politicians, and celebrities.


Hatchbacks are a compact version of the sedan. Instead of a trunk lid, there is a third or fifth door at the back that can be lifted along with the rear window. This can make the luggage compartment slightly larger than that of a sedan. However, there are slightly elongated models of the hatchback that provide occupants with much more leg room.


Coupés are extremely beautiful and fast with a compact teardrop design reminiscent of the Art Deco-inspired car models of the 1930s with a modern twist. Coupés can fit two or four people in it, but it is best for just two people who enjoy driving down city streets or past picturesque landscapes. Performance enhancement features can lead some drivers to be tempted to speed, but additional safety features can also protect occupants from the possible consequences of speeding.

Pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are growing in popularity among those who drive Edmonton cars. These tough vehicles have been in use since the end of World War II and have become indispensable personal vehicles. Recently, pickup trucks of almost every brand have been given makeovers, making it as safe as any family sedan. Now equipped with navigational systems, rearview cameras, and anti-lock brakes, pickup trucks are now among those cars you can drive to work or school safely, even in slippery or snowy roads.


SUVs or sport-utility vehicles are box-like vehicles modeled from the same chassis or framework as pickup trucks. The big passenger SUV models can fit about seven to ten people, while small ones modeled after military SUVs can fit only about two or three. Both variants of the Mazda Edmonton residents recommend are equipped with the necessary safety features.

Many Edmonton motors such as sedans or hatchbacks are actually hybrid vehicles, meaning they combine electric engines with conventional gas-fueled ones. These tend to be expensive to buy, but are fuel efficient and eco-friendly in the long run. In the years to come, one can expect all car bodies to have hybrid or entirely electric motors. For more information, see

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