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Four Ways to Add a Marketing Video to your Website

by roseector

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a website video can be worth a thousand sales. Adding a video to a site is a great way to increase conversions, thanks to the credibility it lends to a site. Online video has finally come of age, and a lot of companies are already reaping the benefits.


Internet marketing statistics reveal that a viewer is 64–85 percent more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. Companies that understand this fact use videos heavily in their online marketing campaigns. However, adding a video to your site can be frustrating if you don’t know how to go about it. Here are ways to effectively add a video to your site:




Use Youtube or a similar site for your videos. This means you first have to create a video then upload it to your preferred video viewing platform. You then take the embed code and incorporate it into your site. The downside of this method is that customers tend to be fickle, so if they accidentally click out of your website and get transferred to the video platform site, chances are they won’t be going back to your site, and you end up losing a potential sale.


Flash engine


Utilize a Flash engine that recognizes content management systems (CMS) to show your video. This method is more preferable than using video viewing sites, and a good pre-made, open-source CMS like Drupal is noted for its flexibility—it’s perfect both for your company’s blog and e-newsletters sent out to clients. However, embedding a Flash engine can mean a huge dent on your finances if you’re a small business owner.




There are various scripts available today that will allow you to add video to your site, convert them to flash objects that can be shown online, or provide you with a sort of micro-CMS that allows solely your video to run. You will need the help of a professional to install the script on your website, though. Better scripts for this method will be very expensive as well.


Software program


You can also opt to use a suitable software program to add video to a website. This is fast becoming the primary option for most companies mainly because it is the easiest and fastest way, and the look is convincingly professional. There are various programs in the market for this, so make sure you pick the most suitable one for you.


These are just some of the most common ways to add video to website pages. The Internet should make an invaluable resource in scouting for ideas. To get a head start on using video for online marketing, visit

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