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How to secure EBooks

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It is a major achievement to finish an eBook. How do you then make your work secure and prevent your intellectual property from being stolen? Many people regularly share eBooks with their affiliates unaware that they are violating copyright law whilst others make them freely available for download from torrent sites. Let us have a look how we secure eBooks.

A secure eBookis a digital book that has had some form of security applied to it, whether it be a password, encryption, copy protection, or DRM. In terms of protection, it need not be seen any differently than a secure document.The basis is that all documents are locked to ensure that only legitimate purchasers will be able to gain full access. A secure documentcan have many different controls applied to it such as allowing an author to provide a sample with restricted viewing rights therefore enticing viewers to make a purchase. Once users purchase a secure eBook they then receive an activation key which allows for full viewing. The secure document activation key is normally limited to activation on a single computer (or more if the author allows this) so authors have full control over how many times their content is licensed.

One way that publishers can make a secure eBook is by using LockLizard PDF document security software which uses DRM controls to enforce additional document controls such as printing and expiry. The software uses a secure documentviewer to prevent your ebooks from being compromised by other applications. LockLizard does not use passwords as a log in mechanism to view secure documents so users cannot share your ebooks and their passwords with others. Publishers of secure documents can implement other controls provided in the software to stop copying, prevent printing, plus other DRM protection measures that protect intellectual property from theft.

With your secure EBooks you have the capability to disable, re-enable, or even revoke access to your eBooks, therefore giving you provisions for easy customer service. For example, if a customer starts using a new computer you can re-enable the eBook on the new machine and if a customer requests for a refund you can easily disable the specific customer’s activation code thus preventing further access.

If you purchase a secure eBook you need to be aware of the controls in place since these vary from one publisher to the next, even if they are using the same software to secure ebooks. For example, some may allow printing whilst others may not. Some secure documentpackages present in the market don’t live up to their secure claims but LockLizard has a package that alleviates any worries about your eBook security. So, whether you are publishing your first or tenth eBook, if you want to prevent revenue loss then LockLizard provides you with an easy to use eBook security package that is certainly essential for your business.

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