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How To Start a Blog?

by maddyacca

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Original Source: How To Start a Blog

What is a Blog?

Today i am going to tel you all about blog and blogging. In this tutorial you will come to know about making a blog and also about advantages of creating a blog. A blog is just like a website and you can create it easily, You can share anything on your blog that can create interest of people and useful for visitors. Visitors will hate content that is not according to it's title and will not visit again your blog, so make sure that your content is useful and original.

Advantages of a Blog

Main purpose of a blog is to generate visitors and ultimately earn from your blog. I know that many people don't know about how to earn from a blog, i will write an article in future on this topic but in short now i would like to quote an example of Google Adsense. Google Adsense provides advertisement for publishers to paste ads on their blogs and when visitors clicks on it, google pays them money according to clicks.


How To Start a Blog?

If you want to create a blog then you should decide some important things before starting it. Which kind of blofg you want to create? a free blog or blog on your own domain?. A free blog is on a free domain provided by many websites like Wordpress, Blogger and Typepad, Free blogs have domain name like If you start your blog then your domain will be on main domain names like .com, .net or whatever you like to purchase from internet.

I am going to tell you about starting your blog on main domain name like To do this follow the below steps.

  • First purchase a domain name from trusted website like Godaddy.
  • Then buy a cheap and reliable shared hosting for your website, i recommends you a hosting with Cpanel.
  • Change your domain's nameservers and point your domain to your web hosting. Your web hosting's nameservers will be provided by your hosting support and they will look like this

  • Now add your domain name in your web hosting and install a wordpress script on it available in Cpanel. I personally recommend you wordpress because its easy to use with almost every option with good seo plugins in it.
Wordpress Cpanel
  • After installing wordpress on your domain you will be provided an admin login link like You should login here and after installing required plugins and utilities start posting on your blog.
  • You should have some knowledge about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and my next tutorial will be about SEO. By use of SEO you can rank good in popular search engines and get higher traffic. Your earning will depend upon your blog's visitors and pageviews.

I hope my personal knowledge will be useful for you, don't hesitate to ask questions. You can ask questions in comments.

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