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The Different Benefits of Proximity Marketing

by karinaivester

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Marketing targets and methods are necessary for any company to make it. For all those intending to build a business, or those who already have one, advertising is a key way of increasing product sales and return on investment. Throughout the years, the strategies of promoting a product or service has changed into a more sophisticated yet simple process - so there is no excuse for not trying!

Besides creating a website and applying optimization techniques, an improvement in business marketing is “proximity marketing.” This type of promotion utilizes local wireless transmission through Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular phone networks in a specific spot like cinemas, malls, airport terminals, and the like. By opting for proximity marketing, you will be able to have interaction with buyers that are close to your establishment’s area. You may grab a prospective client’s attention by sending simple but useful updates to their enabled smart phones. Here are some other reasons why you should consider proximity marketing to pump up your enterprise.

Attract consumers who are within a 300-foot radius.
If your business is within a high-traffic area, you have a pretty good chance of attracting consumers who are using their cellular phones. Are you aware that 80 percent of the world’s populace presently has a cell phone and that there are actually 91.4 million cell phones in the U.S.? You could transmit updates about your ongoing sale or discounted items to passersby that are within 300 feet of your establishment. With the appropriate lay-out and wording, you can attract a potential consumer to head in your direction.

You may record information and statistics for future reference.
Among the benefits of proximity marketing is that you can assess and record virtual interactions with shoppers. You could check which of your updates or advertisements were received positively by consumers and which of them were rejected. From the data available, you can formulate a more efficient advertising approach.

It’s cost-efficient.
Mobile advertising is an affordable method of highlighting promotions. You don’t have to make and give out leaflets or pay couriers to send your announcements. You just need a functional tool and an imaginative mind to execute successful campaigns that bring in a sizable revenue.

Proximity marketing, like online advertising, is an alternative that offers a quick and efficient way of communicating with your consumers to make a sale. Even though the option to click “yes” or “accept” lies at the fingertips of the shopper, the ability to pull in and convince prospective customers relies on you. If you would like to read more about the numerous benefits of proximity marketing, explore for related articles.

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