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Electronic Bidets - All you wanted to know about them

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If you have spent one of your holidays in Europe or Asia then you must have encountered bidets in the rest rooms. These attachments are fast finding their way in to homes of many Americans. One of most preferred types of bidets are those of electronic bidets. Available at competitive prices they have easy DIY9 (Do it yourself) installations. However many people have limited knowledge when it comes to these bidets.

The section helps to educate the readers on the various aspects of electronic bidets -

Evolution of an electronic bidet -Although the use of bidet is a relatively new in the United States, it has been the most preferred method of maintaining hygiene in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. The bidets used today have undergone various stage of evolution over time. The first bidets to be created were basin type bidet that was placed next to the toilet and had a water spout in the bottom of the bowl. This spout was used for directing the stream of water as a user squatted over it. These basin type bidets then evolved in to simple seat type attachments that were more advanced and required lesser space. Easy to fix to the existing toilet seat, they usually came as water extensions from the cold water supply. Bidets available today are in the form of electronic bidet seat attachments that require a connection to the portable seat.

Why choose an electronic bidet -The last few years have a steady increase in people opting for portable bidets in comparison to toilet paper. Research has shown that use of toilet paper does not ensure complete cleanliness; it can also lead to various infections, irritations, urinary infections, bladder infections and even haemorrhoids.  The use of an electronic bidet helps in attaining better levels of personal hygiene. This is useful as it helps to evade various health hazards and protects the health of an individual.

Use of an electronic bidet has advantages even for the elderly suffering from painful arthritis or facing problems in their mobility. A bidet offers greater convenience to them in comparison to the contemporary toilet seats and toilet paper. Along with the ease of installations, the attractive fittings also help to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Features of an electronic bidet: There are various features of these bidets which sets them apart from the other portable type of bidets. The first being the great number of features available that include self-diagnosis, wide cleaning, massage cleaning and even power saving options that offers the user a greater level of control.

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