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IGNOU Offer’s Bachelor Degree Courses 2012

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IGNOU main aim is to systematize experiences and strengthen the professional competency of in-service teachers and to imbibe the knowledge and develop understanding of various methods and approaches of organizing learning experiences of secondary school students. IGNOU B.Ed also develops skills required in selection and organizing learning experiences. Last but not the least it also develop an appreciation of the role of the teacher in the prevailing social-cultural and political context in general, and the educationa1 system in particular.

A student can obtain a IGNOU B.A Course Degree in English by taking a minimum of 48 credits worth of IGNOU Courses from among the Elective Courses in English offered by the School of Humanities.

In order to enable you to complete IGNOU Programme within the minimum period of three years, you are allowed to take 32 credits worth of courses in each year. In IGNOU B.Com first year you should take 16 credits of Foundation Courses (BSHF-101, FEG-1 or FHD-2 and FEG-2 or any one of the MILs). 8 credits of Elective Courses in Commerce (ECO-1 and ECO-2) and 8 credits of Elective Courses in Other Disciplines either from Group 1 or 2. In the second year you should take 8 credits of Foundation Courses (FST-01) and 24 credits of Elective Courses in Commerce (ECO-3, ECO-5, ECO-6 or ECO-13, ECO-7, ECO-12 and ECO-14). In the third year you should take 16 credits of Elective Courses in Commerce (ECO-8, ECO-9, ECO-10 and ECO- 11), And 8 to 16 credits in Application Oriented Courses. You should take 8 credits in elective courses in other discipline. It shall be noted that the Commerce based Application-Oriented courses are AMK-1, AED-1, AOM-1 and ASP-1. IGNOU Bachelor Degree Programme Fee Rs.17400/- and Eligibility is

10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU.

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