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Enhance Your Look With Pearl Bracelets

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Pearls are the most versatile and outstanding gemstone in the world, the reasons for this are clear. The different shapes and colors of these gems make producing beautiful with them simple and inspired. There are so many different types of pearls, that women and girls of all ages will find at least one item to fit their personality. Many people think that pearls only come in round shape, however this is not the case. Though roundness is one of the qualities considered when appraising a pearl, experts also look at luster, surface quality and sometimes size, pearls come in many different shapes.

Many women actually prefer pearls in uncommon shapes because they feel it makes their accessories stand out and defines their personality better. Some shapes that pearls come in besides round are near-round, teardrop, coin, mabe and baroque, just to name a few. Certain shapes of pearls are better when designing different accessories. For example, teardrop pearls look great as pendants or drop earrings, whereas a round pearl might not look right. Round pearls are best complimented in strand, stud earrings, rings and pendants. MAbe pearls offer a different take on the look of pearls and make stunning pendants. Baroque style pearls make for outstanding pearl strands.

There are also different types of pearls including, Freshwater, Saltwater, Tahitian, and South Sea. Each pearl has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from the rest. Freshwater pearls come in colors like lavender, pink, white and peach and are generally the type of pearls thought of when one hears the word pearls. These pearls have been pictured on famous people for hundreds of years and are iconic to the image of pearls. Freshwater pearls are the smallest type of pearl but can reach sizes around 14-16 mm. These pearls are even known to be higher, around 20 mm at times which is shocking for this type of pearl. Another pearl that has gained a lot of popularity for it .

Pearls truly are a unique gift to give any woman because the characteristics of every pearl are different. Not only is each pearl different from the next but there are several types of pearls to choose from. Tahitian pearls are regarded as some of the highest quality of pearls in the world. These pearls are unique because they start growing at 8 millimeters and can reach sizes of 16 to 17 millimeters. One other attribute of this type of pearl is that only one pearl per mollusk can be produced. The mollusk Tahitian pearls are grown in has a black lip and a unique silver color, this produces a wide array of colors in pearls. Though they are considered black pearls, Tahitians come in colors from silver to black, gray to turquoise, or peacock to pistachio. Each of these pearls is special because it has a main color but also has an overtone, which can change the look of the color completely. These pearls also take on the tone of whichever outfit you are wearing. Due to the fact that there are so many different colors and sizes of this type of pearl, anyone is bound to find something they like at Aloha Pearls. Though Tahitian pearls became popular in French Polynesia, where they were first grown, as well as the Pacific Islands, but have become a world-renowned. Woman of all ages love these pearls because of their unique qualities.

Pearl jewelry is simply the most elegant, unique jewelry out there because of the individuality of each pearl. If you are looking for something that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, shop Each of our pearls is inspected, studying shape, luster, and surface quality You know that our pearls are quality because we get them right from the source. At aloha Pearls, we showcase our pearls by setting them in island themed art, or truly make them noticed by mounting them in inspired designs with diamonds and gold. exemplify each person who wears one. Our items are both traditional as well as modern and will offer the perfect look for any woman.

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