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SEO Membership Site Optimization Tips

by kunwarpal

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Your membership site has to be optimized to be popular among users. The title, keywords, description and other meta tags have to be optimized. Unique and updated content with proper keywords shall increase your search engine ranking. Here are some important optimization tips for your website.

1. Title optimization

Give a suitable title to each of your documents in the title tags. Use keywords that are contained within your document making it highly descriptive. A maximum of 59 characters can be used to give a proper title to identify your document. The content of the title tags are shown as the heading of the search engine results.

2. Keywords and description

The Keywords and description meta tags inside the head of the document are also of much importance, so the keywords used in these tags shall be similar to the words in your content. Choosing the correct keywords for your website shall make it rank higher than competitors.

3. Phrasing

Using descriptive phrases for your document is very important. These phrases shall properly describe your website and its content. Using phrases that have been popular searches shall make your website optimized for search engines.

4. Content

Unique content is quite necessary for your website. Never use copied content in your document as you may be violating cyber and copyright laws while increasing your credibility and customers.

5. Updating your content

Always use fresh content and keep it updated regularly. Updated content shall make users return to your page after some time, increasing your number of page hits.

6. Keywords in your content

Use optimized keywords and phrases in the content of your web page. Use the same keywords in your articles which were used in the title and keywords and description meta tags and the H1 header tags.

7. Headlines in a webpage

Heading grab attention of users as well as search engines. Make sure to use appealing headlines containing optimized keywords in your webpage.

8. Keyword proximity and prominence

Keyword Prominence is the placement of the defining keywords and phrases in the document. Placing them on the top of the document in the upper paragraphs of your content shall increase the prominence of your keywords.

Keyword Proximity refers t o the nearness of the optimized keywords placed in the document. The closely these keywords are related to each other and the nearer they are placed, the higher the attention Google and other search engines pay on your page.

9. LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

Use varying keywords that relate to your document. Make sure that your website shows up even if users give in a broad search term to the search engines. For example, if your website deals with reselling cars, keywords like ‘car repair’, ‘modify cars’, etc can be placed in your content to make it available in broad searches.

10. Dynamic linking

The web business is an exchange market, you give links to other websites and they’ll provide your links to add on the pages. Backlinks, links pointing to your website, are of much importance and never goes ignored by Google and others. Make sure the websites you are going to relate your website with are of good values and morals, otherwise reverse credibility happens and to your dismay, your page ranking may come down.

11. Accessibility, navigation and site map

Designing a website with higher accessibility value and better navigation is important. Ease of access always counts and users will always return to your website if it is easily navigable. Always provide a site map for users to trace where they are. Search engines always look out for easily navigable websites as they can easily penetrate through your pages to find information.

12. Labeling your content

Graphics and images with an ALT attribute are of higher value. ALT attribute provides a label to your graphics and shows out if the image itself could not load for whatever reason.

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