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Turning a passion into reality with a game camera

by anonymous

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Whenever I look at animals I see beautiful pictures. I could always envision a pose in my mind. Every time I used to cross a photography institute or studio my heart used to skip a beat. After realizing my passion for photography I bought a game camera.  

Tough I was new at this, investing in a good quality camera was a must. A game camera (vildtkamera in Danish) is one with which I can take beautiful wild life snaps without being out in front of the animals. It is a hidden camera (skjult kamera in Danish)which records video or images using sensors that detects movement.

Before buying the camera I had to make sure that I get the right kind of equipment which suits my requirements. The choices were numerous and confusing. The biggest questions were whether to get a digital or an analog camera and with flash or infrared.  

After an initial research, I bought the best one for me which is a digital game camera with infrared.The flash one may give a better result at night but it will scare the creature away. One of the important things is to get a high quality/rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to spend on it again and again. The environment is really harsh on batteries. Another thing to be careful about is the locking system. As the camera is in the open it is an invitation to the thieves.  

With a little effort and my gear in my hand I am ready to turn my passion into reality.

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