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India Travel- My Most Unforgettable Experience

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‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ a slogan from India which means Guests is like God. This is the attitude towards tourists in India. India a country located in the South Asia, which is
highly populated and also diverse by experience nature. My first trip to India was a great experience with its unity and diversity of varied cultures and customs in India. India is a country which has over
28 states and each state is different from one another. Each state is known for its culture, food, tradition and also their varied habits of living. India is a land which caters to all types of tourism such as adventure, historic, spiritual, nature and others. India with its diversity has it all.

India is easily accessable by water and airways; hence I took a flight first to the capital city of India, ie Delhi. It’s the administrative capital of India and it is well developed with good transportation system. I was able to get a comfortable accomodation at very affordable prices. From Delhi, with the help of local tourim companies, I headed out to places near Delhi known for tourism. The first place I had been to is Agra where one of the ‘seven wonders of the world’ is located. This monument is a symbol of love built by a king called Shah Jahan to his wife Mumtaz and is known as Taj Mahal. This monument is made with Marble and intricate Arabic designs and stone work.

After viewing this marvellous structure, I headed back to Delhi for the trip next day to the spiritual centre in India called the Haridwar. Though many religions exist in India, Hinduism is the most dominent in India. The holy place for Hindus is Haridwar, where the holy river Ganga has its stream. It is said that any person who takes a dip in this holy river would be free from sins and other diseases. Hence, it too took a dip in this holy river as a part of the custom and wore the local attire ‘Saree’ to be one with the
people. There are many more holy places in India.

After enjoying the norther India, I took a flight to the southern most part of India to go to a state called Kerala. This is one of the well known places for tourism due to its back waters and food. Had been in the boat house in the back waters and it was one memorable experience. I enjoyed the local sea food which has the right blend of spices. Unlike other cuisines across the globe, Indian cuisines have the highest use of spices which is spicy and would surely pamper the taste buds. Followed to Kerala, I again took a train to Goa which is the party capital of India.

Both Kerala and Goa has good beaches and there were many tourists from other countries. Enjoyed the
party life and the next day enjoyed the sunrise with a great body massage. This were some of the best places to visit in India and there are many more. Relinquish to food; enjoy the scenic beauty and the hospitality offered by Indians by visiting India.

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