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Best Relationship A Partner

by bradford217

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relationship with your partner ends and you’re left heart-broken, crushed and
worst of all - you are unable to get an erection when in bed with a new girl.
Sounds familiar? This is an extremely common problem for men after they have
come out of a long-term relationship, even more so if your partner has left you
for another man. There are two main reasons this happens. You have become so
used to sleeping with your ex, so used to her touch and her body, that the idea
of sleeping with someone else seems like an alien concept. Then there is the
damage done to your confidence. If your relationship did not end well, you’ll
probably question what you might have done wrong. Did she leave me because I
was bad in bed? Was she bored of sleeping with me? Has someone else been able
to satisfy her? These questions can darken your mind leaving you feeling numb,
confused and lost.


yourself is the first stage of the post-ex blues. The second stage is the
embarrassment. You finally pluck up the courage to get a new girlfriend and
everything is going well until you get into bed. You try, you try so hard to
get aroused but it’s just not happening. Your cheeks burn red, you mumble some
kind of apology and you cannot look into the eyes of the naked girl lying next
to you asking what’s wrong. This situation is humiliating and very difficult to
recover from. You may try again but you end up thinking so much about how
embarrassing the last attempt was, that it becomes even more impossible to


Do not
despair. There is a way to fix this. The third stage can go one of two ways.
You either feel completely miserable and just pray that one day if you’re
lucky, you might be able to perform again. Or, you take control and get this
problem sorted. This is where London escorts come into the picture. Escorts are
highly empathetic when it comes to men with this problem and they are there to
help. There is no pressure when spending time with an escort; you can take all
the time you want to build your confidence back up and maybe that will involve
trying new things. Escorts in London will have a guiding hand, leading you out
of the darkness and into the light. Chances are, you’ll probably end up quite a
Casanova and know your ex is 100% missing out on what you now have to offer!


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