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Characteristics of Freshwater Pearls That make It More Beaut

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Freshwater pearls have been around for thousands of years, worn by elites in many different cultures and have become the icon of pearls. When many people hear the word ”pearls,” there mind immediately goes to and image of beautiful Freshwater pearls. Pearls are unique because they are made
from organic material and actually produced from a living thing. Certain characteristics make Freshwater pearls more beautiful than any other types of pearls.

One attribute freshwater pearls has that no other pearl has is the way they are nucleated. Unlike other types of pearls, the oysters of these pearls are nucleated by using a piece of meat from the oyster itself, making the pearl itself comprised of more nacre than other pearls. This fact makes the pearl closer to a natural pearl than say a Tahitian or saltwater pearls because it does not have a nucleus inside and it is harder for the pearl the pearl to wear down. Many jewelers prefer to use Freshwater pearls because they are easier to drill than pearls with a nucleus. One other attribute that woman love about freshwater pearls is that they are extremely lustrous. Freshwater pearls have an iridescent quality that makes their luster (the way light hits the pearl) stand out.

The beautiful colors these pearls come in are amazing and really stand out with a strong luster. Stunning pink, lavender, white and peach colors create magnificent pieces or pearl jewelry
that is sure to get noticed. Though freshwater pearls come in few colors, the art of enhancing these pearls to any color imaginable has been perfected and these pearls come in hundreds of different shades. Freshwater pearls are also one of a kind because they come in small sizes around 2-4 millimeters, known as seed pearls, which no other pearls come in. Though the average size for freshwater pearls is 10-12 millimeters, they can reach sizes of up to 20 millimeters. Freshwater
pearls earring are the perfect accessory for every woman because they are so versatile.

Whether you are going to the market, or going out for a night on the town, these pearls will complement any outfit, casual or dressy. One reason that pearls are so loved is because they last for a lifetime and can be passed down from generations to generation. You often hear woman talking about how they got they Grandmother’s pearls, which shows you have remarkable they are. Pearls also require little maintenance and are polished each time to wear them by the oil skin naturally has in
it, keeping the pearls looking luminous. For the largest variety of Freshwater pearl earrings, Aloha Pearls is the answer for you. Each of our pearls is hand-picked, and set on precious metals that complement
the pearl and make it stand out.

With Aloha pearls, you can choose from yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold, as well as silver. Our setting are gorgeous pieces inspired by our stunning island surrounds and are paired with other precious gems to create a look that is divine. Whether you prefer simple stud earrings or intricate dangle designs, Aloha Pearls has what you desire.

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