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Egypt – Offers diversity, passion and fun

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Egypt is perhaps best
known as home of ancient Egyptian civilization. Egypt is the prime location to see
the monuments from this ancient world including temples, hieroglyphs, mummies
and above all –pyramids. Yet it is not all. It is also part of holy land, homes
monuments of other civilizations, offers nature and desert treks, great scuba
diving, golf and fishing and birding expeditions. You have the options of
relaxing by the coasts of Red Sea and Sinai, getting enthralled by the culture
and heritage of Cairo
or float on a luxurious river boat down Egyptian Nile.


Apart from the prominent civilization of
Pyramids there is a lesser known but still remarkable medieval heritage of Egypt
formed by Coptic Christianity and Islam. Ancient churches, monasteries and
mosques from this golden era mark the Egyptian landscape. An Egypt Trip will
let you savor this.


One of the prominent attractions of Egypt
is an opportunity to practice diving in Red
Sea. The conditions like good visibility, calm waters and
increased light penetration due to proximity to equator make Red
Sea ideal for growth of underwater life and also great for diving.
You have a marvelous underwater life to relish. The water conditions of Red Sea
have nourished more than thousand and two hundred species of fish – of which
ten percent are endemic to Red Sea. They are
supported by about two thousand kilometers of coral reefs – some more than five
thousand years old. Apart from the nature life, there are many wrecks that are
quite beautiful. These sunken ships offer stunning views, having been populated
by coral and fish since its wreckage.


Ras Mohamed National
Marine Park
is another prime attraction in Northern Red Sea.
It is located on the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula.
It was declared a marine reserve to protect the stunning marine life from ruin
because of fishing and over development. This area is so rich in nutrients
brought in by currents from either side of Sinai that underwater life is


A bit further south is a great diving
destination Marsa Alam. Marsa Alam enjoys pleasant water temperatures year
round. It is also less polluted and marine life friendly with warm waters. The
waters are so peaceful letting divers relish beautiful corals and underwater
life homing them.


Another attraction of Egypt Tourism
is Nile cruise. Egypt is a country whose major part
form desert. It is in the fertile plains surrounding river Nile
that most of the civilization happened. Most of the monuments of antiquity
happen to be by the sides of Nile. By cruising
through Nile one can visit most. This a more
convenient way of touring Egypt
in that you can avoid the hassles associated with other modes of travel. Also,
there are various types of boats available according to your purse including
some which are five star hotels on motion. It is also an opportunity for
tourists to savor the way rural Egypt
lives much like the same they used to thousands of years ago – in mudbrick
homes, tending their fields with wooden plows and moving produce via donkey. It
is a great feeling to watch five thousand years of culture drift by sitting on
the deck of a floating hotel, sipping iced beverage.


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