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Recovering files after emptying the Recycle Bin

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Most of us would have experienced the trauma of data loss some time or the other. We all know how much efforts are often put in to collate the valuable data. Due to this, the loss of data hurts even more. There could be n number of reasons due to which you can lose your valuable data such as virus infections, hard-deleting the files, deleting through command prompt (DOS), human errors, etc. Although the occurrence of such instances would mean that the files are permanently deleted, these are not exactly removed from the hard disk and can be restored. However, to recover the permanently deleted files you should use a third party file recovery software.

Consider a scenario wherein you have removed the files in the Recycle Bin from your Windows XP system as you were creating the space for new files. After removing the files from Recycle Bin, you realize that there were some files that were very important. You would think that now you are in a soup. Hold on for a second as these files can well be recovered. However, first of all you should know what happens when a file is deleted.

When a file is deleted, it is removed from the Recycle Bin. But it remains there in the hard disk itself. There is a pointer of each and every file in the system that references to the location of these files. Each pointer of these files is actually saved in a part near the beginning of the hard disk. It is used by the operating system to list down the directory tree structure.

When the pointer is removed, the operating system is indicated that space is available for new files and folders. However, as mentioned earlier, the file remains physically there and can be recovered. However, this can only be done using a third-party file recovery software. Such read-only tools are able to perform file recovery without overwriting the existing data by using fast yet sophisticated scanning algorithms.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a file recovery software that enables you to recover more than 200 different file types from both FAT and NTFS file systems. In addition, this file recovery software is able to recover deleted files from various storage media such as hard disks, USB drives, external hard disks, etc. It can also recover deleted emails from Outlook Express and MS Outlook. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and Server 2000.

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