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How To Surpass Partition Table Corruption?

by anonymous

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For systematically booting a Windows-based computer system, two things that must exist are 'MBR (Master Boot Record)' and 'Partition Table'. In case either of the two is damaged or corrupted, the system becomes unbootable and the hard drive data becomes inaccessible. Few main causes for their corruption are improper shutdown of your computer system, virus infection, and file system damage. An easy way to surmount such data loss situations is by restoring data from an updated backup. However, the problem arises when you have not created any backup or your backup file has been damaged. To recoup data in such cases, you need to opt for an effective data recovery software.


To illustrate the above case, consider a scenario wherein you encounter the below error message while booting your Windows XP based system:


Disk Read Error


The above error message halts the booting, leading to inaccessibility of Windows XP hard drive. In addition, the same error message appears repeatedly each time you boot Windows XP based system.



The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is corruption in Partition Table. The table consists of various parameters, such as, boot indicator, starting head, starting sector, starting cylinder, system ID, ending head, ending sector, ending cylinder, and total sectors. Corruption in the table changes the values saved in the parameters, resulting in unbootability of your system.



To get past the above boot error message and to access Windows XP-based hard drive data, you need to reinstall Windows XP operating system and then perform reboot. Though re-installation is the most convenient way for overcoming partition table corruption, it deletes all the hard drive data. In such cases, if you need to recover data from a formatted hard drive, you need to use a powerful third-party data recovery solution. The data recovery software recovers data from a formatted, lost, or deleted hard drive partition.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a commercial recovery tool that is used to recover lost files and folders after your hard drive is formatted. The recovery tool supports almost all file systems, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. Designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, the data recovery software is easy to understand.

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