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Change your Mind

by nathaniel085

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When people think of escorts they think of Pretty Women. They think bad hair, girls with low self esteem, little education and bad Lycra. I used to think that all escorts in London looked like this, and I am quite happy to say that I was incredibly wrong. The thing that changed my mind was meeting Bella. I had been sent out to meet an escort in London for an article piece I was writing about the type of women that decide to live as escorts. I figured I would be able to spot her with very little trouble and boy was I wrong! Bella came striding up to me, introduced herself and took a seat. She was tiny, 5 feet tall at the most with the most stunning green eyes I had ever seen. Her long dark hair cascaded down her back and she was dressed in jeans and heels, but looked like all the other women in the coffee shop. ‘I know, I look totally normal’ she has a soft voice and was very well spoken. However ‘normal’ was the last thing I would ever describe her as!

Bella was the most well turned out, well groomed woman I had met. From her impeccable make up, to her flawless manicure, she was the type of women you see in celebrity magazines. ‘I think clients like me because I look normal; I’m the type of girl that they would date if they had the time to date. That the thing, most people think that I spend all day with balding, older men who are divorced, you get some of them, but for the most part a lot of them are guys that I would date. They’re normal guys. Average looking, great jobs, well spoken and educated, everything your mum wants you to marry! The reason they spend time with me is usually because they have little time to date other women, and women in London are incredibly high maintenance! Everyone is about playing games, waiting three days to call, that type of thing. As long as I have spoken to my men and arranged a date I am there, and I ask nothing of them in return other than manners and a good time’

I can see why Bella is one of the more popular escorts in London; she is laid back, bubbly and fun to be around. In fact, if I didn’t have a girl already I would even contemplate dating her! After a few more moments chatting and talking about everything from weather to politics, she apologises for having to leave and as I watch her walk away I am happy to confess that she changed my mind completely about escorts in London and what they do.

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Nathaniel is a professional writer with experience contributing to editorial pages, online blogs and writing short articles. he is the author of this article on London Call Girls. Find more information on Warwick Avenue Escorts here.


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