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Are You Planning To Become An EKG Technician?

by manhattaninstitue

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Recent developments in the field of healthcare have led to increase in the demand of healthcare professionals like never before. All the healthcare institutions, be it a large medical institute or a small clinic, need skilled and trained medical professionals. This has also led to increase in the demand of EKG technicians.


An EKG tech is an important part of healthcare. They are required at all healthcare institutes for monitoring the critical patients in the emergency rooms and performing a regular EKG test as an outpatient at a physician’s clinic. An EKG technician works with doctors to diagnose and treat disorders related to heart and blood vessels. The principle task of an EKG tech is to operate an EKG machine to detect, record, and monitor the electronic pulses transmitted by heart during and between heartbeats which are used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions.


An EKG tech is one of the first people to deal with the patient in case of chest pain or signs or symptoms of cardiac problems. The major responsibilities of an EKG tech include:


  • Setting up the room where EKG tests are to be performed.
  • Greeting the patients.
  • Setting up of the EKG machine.
  • Performing EKG tests.
  • Clean up after the patient has left the room.


In addition to the above, an EKG tech may be required to evaluate patient files, monitor heart rate, and maintain all the test equipments properly. The job responsibilities may vary depending upon the job profile and the tasks assigned. 


The job as an EKG tech requires great deal of interaction with the patient. A good EKG Tech keeps his/her cool even in the stressful situations and works efficiently in a busy environment. Proper training coupled with good technical knowledge can help you become a successful EKG technician.


Today, we cannot ignore the fact that cardiovascular health has become one of the most important concerns in the healthcare system. This has led to increasing awareness and the need to efficiently comprehend all the signs and symptoms that may indicate a cardiovascular abnormality. So, as an EKG tech, one plays a vital role in healthcare industry.


 The career as an EKG tech comes with a wide variety of employment opportunities. In order to have a long-term growth, make sure that you choose an institute that will provide you with the best training program. You can opt for placement assistance provided by good institutes. Search online and visit the websites to support your decision. Good luck!!




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