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Cultivating a Soil with Good Soil Aerators

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Aerating a lawn is always has to be done according to the requirements of the crops you want to grow. Sometimes we need to aerate our lawn with hard chain harrow if the soil is really hard and needs deep aeration. If the sol is compacted, it becomes impossible for the roots of the crops to penetrate the soil. It’s important that air as well as water reaches perfectly to the roots so that the crops can grow and glow fine. So every time you are out for reaping anything in your lawn, make sure you have aerated the soil perfectly. There are few popular rules and techniques that farmers apply to aerate their lawn. Let’s discuss few of the here:

If you have been using your lawn frequently for agriculture and you think it is already aerated enough; well, then you may need to think again. A soil that is facing a lot traffic, need to be aerated before each time you are reaping anything. Using a soil aerator like row crop cultivators is a very good proposition here.

Sometime you must have noticed that your lawn is covered with some yellow patches. This is a signal which means your soil needs aeration. These yellow patches come because your soil cannot reach air and water to the crops’ roots. If your soil is not able to intake the water from its surface and the water are running off from your lawn, get the best soil aerator available and aerate your lawn as early as possible. Row crop cultivators can aerate compact soils with ease.

Apart from the available mechanical tools for aeration, you can also opt for some organic ways of aeration. For example liquid aerator blend can be a good choice here which is a completely biodegradable blend that improves air and water penetration of your soil. There are few advantages of using this organic aerator. The first one among them is that these are no need for mechanical aeration and it also helps in reducing soil compaction. Finally, whether you use mechanical tool or organic ways, just remember – aerating your lawn on regular intervals in more than necessary.

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