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A Quick Guide to Buying Stair Newels

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Buying stair newels is always preceded by some amount of decision making – to buy or not to buy them. It is a common perception that stair newels are not meant for all kinds of stairways. The usual tendency is to associate them with stairways that are of a more grand or elaborate nature. As such, newels are generally considered to be unsuitable for smaller staircases such as the ones that are typically found in ordinary homes.

The truth is, stair newels can look great on almost any kind of a staircase. Of course, one has to choose the right shape and size for them. Newels can help you add a touch of beauty and elegance to any ordinary looking staircase. Moreover, they can actually help you make your stairway a lot safer to use as newels can lend critical support to the railings, making them more secure.

Newels are available in two major kinds – the round newel post and the box newel post . The former is usually smaller in size and is constructed from a solid piece of wood. The box newel post is a slightly larger affair and is usually hollow. It can come in many different designs and is available either pre-finished or ready to be painted or polished as you desire.

A box newel post can be purchased in many different sizes. The right size will be determined by the height of the railings. Similarly, the correct design will also be determined by the kind of look you are aiming for. If you are planning to give your staircase a very grand appearance, you can choose to buy some of the more ornate and decorative newels out there. However, if you want to give it a subtler touch, you can achieve a remarkable effect with low profile newels with fewer embellishments or decorations.
These days, stair part manufacturers are making available stair newels in many different designs such as Classic and Victorian, rustic and contemporary. You can even get them custom designed which will help you give your stairway a very unique look that will surely surprise everybody.

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