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The Art of Composing Perfumes

by kunwarpal

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Composing perfume is actually not a work but an art. The artist of this art is called “perfumer”.  These perfumers have a great sense of smell and that’s why they are also known as “the Nose”. A perfumer has great knowledge of fragrances, aromas, essential oils and their relation with moods.  

A perfumer must know which fragrance suits a particular mood. He must be able to differentiate between two fragrances easily. A perfumer can easily indentify the ingredients of even mixed fragrances. Each fragrance ingredient revels itself at a specific time. This is really very helpful for a perfumer to know so that he can instruct his employers how to achieve a particular Fragrance.  

The composition of perfume is not an easy task and demands a lot of attention. A perfumer should know and decide how the fragrance will smell like and the feeling after smelling the fragrance, the right time for wearing the perfume and the price of the perfume. After conceptualizing everything it is time to act. A perfume is the blend of different elements. There is no specific time for the completion of this work. It might take a few weeks or few months, depends on gathering the information. After composing the perfume it is ready to be used in different products like make-ups, detergents, soaps, shampoos, candles, perfumes etc.  

The technique of achieving a particular fragrance is very complex. The ingredients used in a perfume can be categorized in four groups. The first group is called primary scent, second group modifiers, third blenders and fourth is known as fixatives.  

Primary scents contain main ingredients of a particular fragrance like “Jasmine”. However sometimes two or more than two ingredients are combined to create an “abstract” primary scent e.g. if one wants to create abstract floral fragrance then he can combine jasmine and rose together.  

Modifiers are used to give a specific character to the fragrance e.g. citrusy aromas are added to floral primary to create a citrusy-floral character. Blenders are basically used for smooth transition between different layers of perfume. Fixatives are used to bolster up primary scents. Woody and resin scents are used as fixatives.  

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