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Know All About The Importance Of Calcium

by arthritisremedies

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Calcium is important for building and maintaining bone. Calcium combines with few minerals, particularly Phosphorus and to a minor extent Magnesium to form the hard crystals that offer bone its power. Roughly 99% of the bodies Calcium is found in the bones. The remaining 1% of Calcium is dissolved in blood and other fluids and is important to maintain healthy functioning of the heart, muscles, blood and nerves.

When our diet is deficient in calcium supplements and we are not obtaining enough quantities in your diet, some of the calcium crystals in bone dissolve and provide their calcium to the bloodstream to maintain healthy performance of the heart, muscles, nerves and other organs. Bones thus act sort of a calcium reservoir, storing calcium and channelizing it into the blood stream when needed. So if your calcium consumption is too low and there are extra withdrawals than deposits from your calcium bone reservoir, you risk losing bone strength.

Calcium consumption is important and the way well the calcium is absorbed into the blood stream is also significant.

Calcium absorption may be reduced by too much caffeine and alcohol, soft drinks containing phosphates and diets high in animal proteins. Some forms of Calcium are absorbed into the body better than others. Additionally, calcium is frequently lost from the body each day by skin and fingernails, sweat, and urine.

Peak bone mass (maximum bone density) is reached before the age of thirty and most of this is often achieved by puberty when there's the greatest degree of bone growth.

The higher your peak bone mass, the more likely it is that you may maintain better bone health even through times of rapid bone loss as you get older like menopause. This is why calcium is so significant for kids and teenagers.

Your daily calcium needs depend on your age and sex.
In adults, dietary calcium is vital so as to take care of bone strength. Also, as we grow old calcium is absorbed less effectively from the intestine, so that consumption requirements to be more. When the body can not replace calcium fast enough to make the bones strong, they become thinner and weaker, ensuing in osteoporosis.

A necessary purpose to keep in mind is that less than half of all Australian adults get their daily recommended consumption of calcium.

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