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Resolving Gray Progress Bar Issues at Snow Leopard

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Irrespective of the improvements for retaining the disk structure, Snow Leopard can still develop errors that might create unavoidable circumstances of data loss. Thus, Data Recovery Mac using different methods is always essential for an uninterrupted access to your important information.

To narrow down these probable problems in Snow Leopard, let’s first start by mentioning one of the common symptoms. You start your Snow Leopard computer and it shows the usual Apple logo, but with a gray progress bar appearing below it, which stays there for few minutes and then the login window or Finder displays.

Note: This specific problem can be ignored if it is not frequent. But if it occurs every time you boot up your Snow Leopard, it requires troubleshooting described in this article.

Explanation of this behavior

Your hard disk or its data encounters some issues, which Mac OS X 10.6 tries to correct at each startup, but is unable to complete the correction.

Resolving the issue

Since the issues are related to your hard disk, you need to repair it manually using ‘Disk Utility’. To do so, the steps are as follows:

•    Start your computer using Mac OS X 10.6 install disc

•    From ‘Installer’ menu, select ‘Disk Utility’

•    Click ‘First Aid’ tab and select your Mac volume by clicking the disclosure triangle appearing at the left of hard drive icon

•    Click ‘Repair’ to start repairing the disk

At times, Disk Utility fails to repair the disk and the mentioned issue continues. To deal with such problems, you need to erase the entire hard drive, reinstall Snow Leopard, and restore the deleted data from the last Time Machine backup or another backup.

In case, the backup is incomplete or inconsistent, you might not get required files and folders. When it occurs, the last available solution is the use of a Data Recovery Mac software. Designed with the unique capability to scan and locate lost data, Mac volumes, files, and folders, these Data Recovery Mac utilities are safe for use in any data loss situation.

For comprehensive results, it is recommended to use Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery software. This Mac Data Recovery utility is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, and 10.3.9 Panther. With a user-friendly interface, this tool incorporates several advanced options that can aid you in data recovery.

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