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Cultured Pearl Necklace To add Elegance

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Cultured pearl necklaces are a great way to add some elegance to your wardrobe. The amazing thing about pearl jewelry is that you can dress them up or down. Wear them evening, with a fancy dress, or wear them day to day with a t-shirt and jeans. Cultured pearls are wonderful because there are so many different types of pearls to choose from. Not only do you get different types of pearls, but you also get various sizes, shapes, and colors within those types. Pearls are a great example of what a little human interaction with nature can create. The process of how a pearl forms, is indeed amazing, and it produces something so astonishing.

Each pearl is different in its own way and matching pearl colors might be difficult at times, especially with Tahitian pearl, because there are so many different overtones these pearls can have; but when you do find perfect matches, the results are exquisite. Cultured pearl necklaces are strung onto silk thread, to create a same size pearl necklace, but often times, a less traditional route is taken and these pearl are strung in ascending size. The silk thread is also knotted in between each pearl, to ensure that they are not lost, should the strand break. Yellow and white gold, as well as silver, really bring out the luster of a pearl and allow for some creative and inspiring pieces. The pearls in cultured pearl necklaces often are very often paired with pearl of a different type. For example, Pink and white freshwater pearls could be paired with black Tahitian pearls in s strand to create a contrast in color, that look striking when wearing them. For these and other designs, shop online at At our store, we pledge to satisfy the customer, and help you find the perfect cultured pearl necklace to showcase your beauty.

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