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How Do Numerology Impact And What Do They Reveal About Your

by leoturpin61

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Astrology deals with the study of star and planets and how they influence our lives. How the position of the stars, moon and sun create an impact on human beings. The time of birth has its own implication on our lives and so staying in accordance with our zodiac signs is important to an extent because we cannot disapprove or disconnect ourselves that Astrology does not have any relevance. Another important study is the study of numbers because every individual born is associated with a number ranging from digits 1 to 9 wherein 1 and 9 are considered to be the strongest or most influential. Well Astrology numerology is what appeals a lot to many people and they strongly believe in it.

Numerology is the study of the relationship between human beings and how do numbers coincide with the various events in their lives. Numerology has its own matrix, traditions and its own different belief. Although agreeing or disagreeing is matter of choice but for sure every individual if observes carefully these numbers do have a strong impact on our lives. Every number has its own characteristic tendencies and cosmic readings. These reading are derived from the sum of your date of birth. For example if you are born on 6 October 1985, your number would be 3, We will explain the same the total is based on the sum of 6 + 10+1+9+8+5 (the date, month and the year) which sums up to 30 and as numerical structure consist of digits form 1 to 9 in that case 30 would be considered as 3 (3+0 = 3). Now on the basis of the derived digit or numeric value the Numerologist gives his reading on your basic nature, traits positive or negative, conflicts , luck and how the number has played its role in the past major event of the individuals life and so how it would help in the future ahead.

They would help in deriving a date or tentative date when to marry, when to make investments, travel dates and even decisions of planning or executing important events. Numbers actually explain a lot about your character, the focus of your life till date and what is in store ahead. You would even get to hear or even may get to read that the Greek mathematician Pythagoras was the man behind the originator of what came to be known as numerology. Those who are interested in numerology and the magic of numbers can get guidance from various websites that provide Free Numerology readings on a basic level dealing in character traits and also detailed which are generally chargeable, all you need to do is provide personal details and confirm through the payment options. You would receive a your personal reading as per your request, the readings are for the coming year hence you need to mention the same to get theNumerology 2014 reading on the basis of your derived number.

With this year coming to an end, people who are interested to know what is store for them in the year 2014, Numerology on the same would be easily available for you. We have also provided a link below for you get detailed information on your birth number.


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