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Everyday is Friday in Belgrade: Enjoying the City's Hot Nigh

by Beogrady23

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Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, there are a lot of things to appreciate in Belgrade. This compact city has a very rich history, its own distinct charm, and very warm people. It has a thriving nightlife and in Belgrade, everyday seems to be a Friday.

Unlike in other European cities, locals of Belgrade love night outs everyday of the week so travelers and tourists will not run out of option. Aside from the likes of Klub Cinema and Klub Vanila, two of the top Belgrade night clubs, the list goes on. Go out and you will see people hand shaking or toasting their glasses of brandy, talking over coffee, or strolling around as ribbons of smoke from their cigarettes float in the air.

Party Like a Local in Belgrade

In Belgrade, it is normal for people to party all night and go back to work on the next day. Remember that it will not be cool for anyone to go to Klub Cinema, Klub Vanila, Klub Magacin, Klub Teatro, Klub Cinema or any of the coolest party places before midnight. You can start your night out in a cafe, restaurant, or in one of the trendiest bars in town.

The city's top nightclubs, floating river clubs or splavs, and bars make its party scene one of the most exuberant in the region. The clubs here boasts of the best sounds, lights, and performers that can put them side by side with the best clubs in Europe. The crowds are pretty stylish too and know how to enjoy the mix of the best DJ's and bands hired by bars and clubs.

Bars and cafes are normally open until 1am while most clubs operate until 4am, Tuesdays through Sundays. Klub Cinema, for example, is packed to the brim on Wednesdays. Klub Vanila, on the other hand, invites the most famous performers three times a week but with regular live music and artists the rest of the days.

The music may vary so you need to do some research before heading to a bar or a night club. Some of the most popular DJs in Europe visit Belgrade to play house, R&B, hip-hop, and whatever will make the crowd go wild or enjoy the night.

There are a lot of party places on and along the Sava and Danube. Pockets of great venues and establishments are well-spread in the heart of Belgrade offering limitless nightlife fun.

Going Around the Belgrade

Going around the city is quite easy. Those who love to go around on foot can actually jump from one club to the next. The ground transportation of Belgrade consists of trams, buses, trolleybuses, and taxis. For tourists, it will be best to take the taxi or there are also car rental services that are readily available but parking can be pretty challenging.

The taxis in Belgrade are very affordable and safe. You can call a taxi to pick you up or you can just get them while you are on the streets. All taxis in Belgrade are metered so be sure that they are set properly at the start of your trip and that the drivers flag down the meter before setting off to your next destination.

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